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  • Isaac Johnson

Hello There!

Thank you for checking out this first issue of CQ! The students have put a ton of hard work into making it amazing! I am super proud of all of them! Now I know exactly what you are thinking: “Wow, this is amazing! The youth are amazing! How can I support such an amazing group of youth?” Funny you should ask because I happen to have three amazing suggestions!

  1. Pray for them. It’s a crazy world they are growing up in and they can use all the prayer they can get! Pray for their schools and futures yes, but more importantly pray for their spiritual lives. Pray for their salvation and assurance, pray for consistency in spiritual disciples and obedience to God, pray for growth in their love of God and for fellow believers, and pray for boldness in living out their faith and proclaiming the gospel in a world that hates them.

  2. Read the amazing articles in the CQ! Make sure to cast your vote for the amazing choose your own adventure story and submit questions to Ask a Gen Z! Tell a youth how amazing their article is and something amazing you learned from it!

  3. Stop by the amazing Castaway Café before Sunday church service to say Hi! You are always welcome, whether you buy an amazing coffee or just stop by to tell a dad joke. There is also a prayer box if there is something in your life the youth can be praying for! Ok that’s enough “amazings” from me, go read the rest of this amazing issue!


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